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About Us

PROJECTOR manifesto

projector is a place to take in the light of others,
the reflections of the world,

light that projects into our mind the wisdom
of digested emotion.
we project light into darkness,
in a world that is full of options,
are we losing vision?
in trouble times,
inventive optimism,
places where ideas can flourish,
where interaction can happen,
this is projector.
Come out of the digital world
manifest this space of interaction,
and bring good luck to it.
You do not have to depend on the limitations
of your own mind,
fly past your emotional barriers,
the ones that hold you back from seeing a bigger vision
Face to face,
communal reaction,
shine the light into the darkness
that we all feel every day and wonder how anything works
and how we can actually fill our wishes and dreams.
In the increasingly complex world
human interaction is suffering.
When people come together light is created.
they make something greater than the individual
there’s never been a more needed time for this to happen as of now-
New York City is always been a hotspot of heart
and ideas and invention.
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